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In this new era, your business growth and expansion relies on your capability to reach a broad audience through venturing into new marketing channels. The digital platforms have made it easier to reach out compared to the past.

In the modern marketplace, business growth is founded on how you make things easier for your customers in their process of purchasing your products without interfering with their day to day operations. Therefore, you need to develop strategies to enable your customers to buy what you are offering at their convenient time.  So, you should remove all the barriers and redirect requirements. Here is a list of the top 4 best and renowned marketplaces:

Facebook: the most massive social marketplace

Facebook is the second largest online market. It just falls next to Google. Also, it is the leading social platform. By estimation, it has a following of over 2 billion active monthly users.  As such, it’s a prowess to excel in online business cannot be underestimated. With the use of Facebook Ads, you can grow your online business here. Still, you can optimize your ads to target a given people and their locations. You can track customers who once visited your site and contact them with your product sponsored ads using the various multichannel e-commerce software. 

Listing your products on eBay

The next place you can venture into your multichannel selling strategy is on eBay. You may be asking yourself what eBay is? eBay is among the leading online marketplaces. This platform allows retailers to list their products and brands and do the facilitation role of connecting the two parties. If you are an auctioneer, this is your best fit. This is because its primary task is to facilitate online auctioning between buyers and sellers. Despite this, you can use the platform to -boost your sales as a multichannel e-commerce retailer. Still, eBay has various software that you can integrate with your store to offer excellent customer experience.

Amazon: the leading online marketplace

Did you know that Amazon is the leading online marketplace in the world? Well, I thought you should know. The platform receives over 85million unique visitors per month. Who would miss boarding such a highly potential marketplace wagon? As a seller, you have an opportunity to list your products and brands to target different customers. As such, you should consider this platform as your priority to enhance your marketing activities. 

Important to note is that Amazon will deduct some coins as commission. Also, you can boost your sales through their affiliate marketing program.  This enables you to reach a wider audience and save on your marketing costs.  Again, as long as you are selling legal and safe products, there are no hindering rules or regulations on the number of products you can list. For this reason, every multichannel e-commerce retailer should consider Amazon as their first option when subscribing to multichannel selling.

Amazon: the leading online marketplace“Your e-commerce website: home of customization and personalization”

Lastly, the best multichannel e-commerce retailer marketplace is your online store or e-commerce website. This is the central point of your virtual business. If you want to pocket more cash, make sure that your online store is reachable, attractive to the users, and offers the best customer experience.  Here, you have the overall control. You can customize it by having images of high-quality products and descriptions.

Also, you can upload explainer videos to lure more customers into buying.  Optimizing your site for the search engines cannot be ignored if you are looking forward to enhancing your SEO ranking. You can also personalize your customer services and install solutions that will enable you to consolidate all your operations and multichannel data under one umbrella. To give you a better idea, it’s a very similar concept to what Shopify has to offer.