Multi Channel retailing is a business strategy being adopted by companies and brands worldwide. As the name suggests, multichannel retailing creates multiple channels for consumers to view and purchase your products from. these channels could be any combination of physical outlets, online marketplaces, the company’s own website social media and other websites on the internet. Either way, the essential objective is to reach as many potential customers as possible and making your products accessible to them.

Multi-Channel eCommerce Software is a tool that aids companies in employing this business strategy. Needless to say, as with every endeavor, this one also comes with its own challenges. Such software aims to tackle these challenges and make easy the job of the company to manage sales.

One such extremely popular software is Shopify. With headquarters based in Canada, this eCommerce platform claims to enable you to reach your goals. These could vary from establishment of a multichannel retailing network to managing and/or improving an already existing network of this form.

Multi-channel eCommerce software can serve several purposes. Using the example of Shopify, we will show you the kinds of services tools like this can offer. With Shopify you can:

Fully customize your online store.

You need little to no background in design to use this software to help design your online store. With ready-for-use themes and templates, you can customize your store to ensure that your online store mirrors your brand vision.

Launch and optimize sales channels.

Shopify allows you to launch multiple channels you can then easily access and manage through this single software. These channels could be launched on social media, other websites, an online store or even online marketplaces.

Management of inventory.

Since there are multiple channels you need to keep a track of without a multi-channel eCommerce software, things may get a little difficult to manage. Inventory is one such factor that needs to be kept in mind when putting your product out to sell. Shopify aids in this process by managing unlimited products and inventory.

Keep track of the statistics.

Having a clear idea of sales and growth trends greatly increases the chances of choosing the best suitable business strategies in order to optimize sales. Shopify allows you to do just that by analyzing trends and presenting the data on your screen.